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Bump Firing in a Nutshell

Bump Firing in a Nutshell

Bump Firing utilizing the "Belt Loop" method is quite simple. The shooter places the firearm against their hip, and then places their thumb through the trigger guard into their belt loop. Each time the operator pushes forward a round is discharged; unfortunately it is impossible to aim and the recoil makes the rifle uncontrollable.

The "Shouldered" method is more difficult. The shooter uses their non-shooting hand to "suspend" the firearm out away from the body. Then lightly places their hand around the pistol grip with their finger in front of the trigger. Finally, the shooter pushes the firearm forward so that their finger will contact the trigger. As in the above method, each time the operator pushes forward a round is discharged.

When Bump Firing - the muscular application of force to create forward movement of the firearm defines the volitional act of the shooter to discharge each individual round of ammunition. Each discharge requires a separate volitional decision of the operator to exert his or her body strength to move the firearm back to a firing condition. As stated by the ATF Firearm Technology Branch - Bump Firing "is the rapid manual manipulation of the trigger...."

Slide Fire Solutions® utilized the above principles to develop the SSAR-15®. The development of the SSAR-15&trade was to ensure the operator could shoot the rifle correctly without compromising their own safety or the safety of others around them. In addition, the SSAR-15® has opened other avenues for physically challenged sportsmen to operate their firearms without the need for bulky prohibitive equipment.