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Limited Edition Stocks

Limited Edition Stocks

At Slide Fire Solutions®, we do what we can to be as innovative and cutting edge as possible. We've proven this over time with our patented Slide Fire® Superior Gun Stock Technology. With the demand at an all time high, there was no way that we could simply stop right there. So what's next? How can we make the product even better for the consumer?

Answer. Hydro Dipped Gun Stocks.

These limited edition Hydro Kits put a whole new spin on the Slide Fire® Gun Stock. It allows gun enthusiasts who want something unique, to trick out their weapon with graphics that are sure to set them apart from the rest.

We took different colored designs, Deer Hair Camouflage and Ed Hardy Blue, and dipped our SSAR-15 OGR® guns stocks in a form to create some of the most unique and custom AR-15 accessories of our current times. But we didn't just stop at the gun stocks. We slapped these incredible designs on a set of magazines and carbine length hand guards to complete the entire look. We offer these a complete kit here at Slide Fire®, but be sure to act fast, as these are a limited edition gun stock.

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