Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have or can you make a stock for my platform?

We currently offer products for a variety of platforms. Make sure you check the “Platforms” drop down menu on our website for a full list of current platform options. We are currently developing products for many other popular platforms. Please keep an eye on the website for the latest news on new and upcoming products. If you have any suggestions feel free to email [email protected]

2. What is the difference between the left and right Slide Fire® stock?

Slide Fire® stock systems are specially designed with a hand-specific rest to ensure proper finger placement across the trigger which helps enable controlled rapid firing. Single shots can be fired with the opposite hand while the stock is in the fixed position, but controlled rapid fire is only possible when the stock is used with the hand for which it was designed. When deciding on which version to purchase, only consider the hand that you use to pull the trigger. The design of the rifle is not important as either stock will work just as well on right or left handed rifles.

3. How can I get extra interface blocks?

Unfortunately, our current manufacturing processes do not allow us to offer the interface block as separate item at this time. The components of the Slide Fire® stock systems are made at the same time, in the same mold. Therefore, when a stock system is produced there is one stock and one interface block that must be sold together as a kit. However, we do offer an aftermarket upgrade option with an Aluminum Interface Block compatible with either of our SSAR-15® stocks.

4. What is the length of pull for your stocks and will there be any other styles available?

Our stocks are designed to have a length of pull similar to the fixed stock option for the firearm. The standard AR-15 A2 fixed stock is 13” in length and the standard AK-47 fixed stock is approximately 12” in length. Our company is currently designing several more style options for a variety of platforms. Please visit our website frequently for the latest news on new and upcoming products.

5. What type of trigger works best with a Slide Fire® Stock?

With standard calibers, Slide Fire® has found that the standard mil-spec triggers work best with Slide Fire® products. We have had consistent issues with most “match” style triggers. Also, two-stage triggers or those triggers designed for a light pull have a tendency to cause light primer strikes and inconsistent trigger reset. If your AR-15 is in need of a trigger upgrade, we do offer a drop-in, 4.5# curved trigger that has given us great results.

6. Does Slide Fire ship internationally?

No, Slide Fire Solutions does not ship internationally. Slide Fire only accepts orders from customers in the United States of America. In the event an international order is taken, the customer will be refunded the amount they paid in US Dollars.


Legality and Purchasing

1. Are the Slide Fire® stock systems legal in my state?

By definition, our current rifle stocks are not adjustable stocks or trigger manipulation devices. Slide Fire® products have been approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and we provide a copy of the approval letter on our website to any interested individual. Since our launch in 2010, Slide Fire® has not been notified by any individual state that our products conflict with any state laws.

We would like to provide a link from the National Rifle Association (NRA) to empower our prospective customers to know the current firearm laws for any state. Please visit to learn more or contact your State Department of Justice. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the consumer to know the current laws and regulations of their state.

2. How do I purchase a firearm from Slide Fire®?

Federal law requires a Federal Firearms License (FFL) for anyone who participates in firearm sales as part of their business. Due to this regulation we must ship firearms to another FFL holder rather than the final consumer. We recommend starting the process by locating an FFL holder in your area to complete the transfer. Make sure they are willing to do the transfer and find out how much of a fee they charge for the process. Once that is complete, call one of our sales representatives at (325)945-3800 and they will take you through the rest of the order process.

3. What sort of return policy or warranty do you have for products you offer?

Slide Fire® offers a 30 day money back guarantee for all items except firearms. If you purchase a product directly from us and decide not to keep it for any reason, we will offer a refund of the purchase price. Slide Fire® warrants our gun stocks against breakage under normal use and against any defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, except as noted below. This warranty extends only to the stock and not to any other firearm accessories or to the firearm to which it may be attached. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse. Follow all warnings and safety precautions. SLIDE FIRE SOLUTIONS DISCLAIMS ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES AND INCIDENTAL LOSSES CAUSED BY USE OF THIS PRODUCT.

Slide Fire® does not directly warranty firearms or accessories manufactured by third parties. However, if you find a defect in these items within one year of your purchase, please let us know and we will try to assist with arranging warranty service or replacement with the manufacturer.

4. How long does it take to receive my product after I place an order?

We do our best to ship orders within three business days of placement. Once an order has been shipped, your new Slide Fire® product(s) should arrive in four to seven days. Since shipments are generally delivered within days of being ordered by our customers, Slide Fire® does not provide tracking information. If a shipment is not received within the specified time frame, please contact customer service at [email protected] or call (325)945-3800 so the delay can be investigated.

5. What do I need to do in order to sell your product?

Anyone interested in becoming a direct dealer of Slide Fire® products, should first complete a “Dealer Application” which is located at the bottom of the page on our website Dealer applications are processed in the order of receipt based on the time stamp provided upon submission of the application. In order to expedite the approval process, please provide your resale verification as well as your Federal Firearms License (FFL), if applicable. Also, please include retail location verification, including the business address and photos of the business to show how you intend on displaying our product for purchase. All required documents may be submitted via email to [email protected] or fax to (325)945-2356.

Once a dealer application is approved, one of our account managers will contact you with the dealer agreement and pricing information. You will not be able to receive pricing information prior to your application being processed. Please be patient as you will be contacted once your application is processed.


Safety and Usage Concerns

1. Could a Slide Fire® stock system cause any damage to my firearm?

At the Slide Fire® facility, thousands of rounds have been fired through our firearms and without any damage. Though as to be expected, typical “wear and tear” may be seen sooner than expected since controlled rapid fire makes it possible to fire more rounds in a weekend than may typically be fired in a year. Some of the wearable parts, especially the trigger, may need to be replaced sooner than usually experienced during “normal” use. Due to being designed for a lighter trigger pull, “match” triggers have a tendency to wear faster. Also, care needs to be taken to ensure that the firearm does not overheat when using any stock including the Slide Fire® stock system as overheating can cause problems with the gas ports, gas tubes, and barrels.

2. Are the any special safety concerns while using your product?

As with any firearm, follow all firearm safety rules, but there are additional concerns when firing multiple rounds quickly. With any platform or stock, shooting multiple rounds in rapid succession will cause the temperature of the gun barrel to rise quickly. One issue that is not specific to the Slide Fire® system is when live ammunition is left in an excessively hot firearm, there is a risk of the heat unintentionally “cooking off” or firing a round without a trigger pull. Remember to always to practice proper gun safety with or without a Slide Fire® product and allow the unloaded firearm to cool off completely.

3. Should I be concerned about safety with certain styles or calibers of AR’s over others?

The primary design of the standard AR-15 has a safety feature which does not allow the firing pin to be exposed until the bolt is fully closed therefore eliminating the potential risk involved. However, some smaller calibers operate on a “blow-back” design which allows the firing pin to be exposed when the bolt is not fully closed. This alternate action system poses a safety risk of an “out of battery discharge” which is a serious concern in any shooting condition. This issue is not specific to the Slide Fire® system, and certain calibers are more known for this safety issue than others – 9mm, 5.7x28mm, .22LR – but it is always important to be aware of the safety concerns of any firearm you possess.


Operation Issues

1. I am having problems with the SSAR-15® due to friction or sticking.

While only a couple of issues can cause friction or sticking with your stock on an AR-15, it is most likely a problem with your firearm’s buffer tube. To avoid these issues, Slide Fire® recommends using mil-spec buffer tubes since some commercial tubes have slightly different dimensions, but if you are having trouble try installing your SSAR-15® “backwards” with the butt stock facing the front of the firearm. If the SSAR-15® slides freely installed in reverse then it is probably a problem with your tube being canted. Even having a very slight angle on your tube can cause the stock to bind and not slide freely.

To fix this issue carefully loosen the castle nut just enough to allow the tube to turn. Fully install the SSAR-15® on the loosened buffer tube and it will force the tube to align properly. Once the tube is straight, remove the stock and retighten the castle nut. If you followed the steps provided and continue to have issues, contact our customer service department at [email protected] or (325)945-3800 for assistance.

2. I am having problems rapid firing and can only get 3-5 rounds before having an issue.

This is an occasional problem customers run into, and unless there is a friction issue as described above, it is not due to a problem with the Slide Fire® stock system. Below are a few situations where our customers have had the issues similar to this problem.

1. Make sure your finger is tightly seated on the finger rest and that it does not move while you are shooting you firearm. After years of shooting by moving your finger, it can be a hard habit to break. If your finger is not in the proper position to contact the trigger on each shot, it causes trigger reset issues.

2. The amount of pressure used to push the gun forward has been the biggest problem in regards to the effective use of Slide Fire® stock systems. The amount of force needed is far less than most would assume, and only 4-6 lbs. of forward pressure should be needed. This should be just enough to barely pull the trigger, and any extra will counteract the recoil and restrict bolt movement causing miss-feeds or trigger reset failures to occur. There is generally a two magazine learning curve and for some it takes a few tries to get the "touch" right.

3. Quality ammo is very important for reliable rapid fire. Our design works by using the recoil produced by the firearm. Lower quality ammo with less power cannot produce enough recoil to effectively operate the firearm with our product.

4. The type of trigger your rifle has also can have an impact on operation of the Slide Fire® stock system. We have seen consistent issues with triggers designated as “match” style triggers. Two-stage triggers or those designed for a light trigger pull have a tendency to cause problems with light primer strikes and inconsistent trigger resets.

5. Magazine problems have been known to cause rounds not to eject or load properly which lessens the recoil and the effectiveness of the Slide Fire® stock system on your firearm.

Please enjoy a few videos on the “Media” page of our website for more great tips and troubleshooting. Each one of our customers’ experiences is important and we want everyone to enjoy our products. Contact our customer service department at [email protected] or call (325)945-3800 for further assistance with any concerns, questions, or compliments.


SSAR-15 Questions

1. What type of AR-15 will the SSAR-15® work with?

The SSAR-15® is compatible with all standard AR-15 lower platforms equipped with an adjustable style buffer assembly. As long as your AR already has a collapsible stock, you should not have any issues with installation. Since it was not possible for us to test the SSAR-15® on every AR on the market, Slide Fire® recommends firearms built using mil-spec parts to avoid any compatibility issues.

2. What do I need to use your stock on my fixed or folding stock AR-15?

Since SSAR-15® is designed to work on any AR-15 lower platform with an adjustable-style buffer assembly. Any AR with a fixed or folding stock will need to be converted to allow installation of our stock. Slide Fire® offers a conversion kit, sold separately, which includes all the parts and installation tools needed to ready your firearm to work with the SSAR-15 or any other adjustable stock.

3. Are there any brands of AR that are not compatible?

The SSAR-15® is designed to work on any standard AR-15 lower equipped with an adjustable style buffer tube. However, there are a few manufacturers that utilize non-standard designs on their AR style rifles. SIG, H&K, and Mossberg are some brands that we know have compatibility concerns. We do hope to design products for as many of the popular platforms as possible. Please visit our website frequently for the latest news on new and upcoming products.

4. What caliber uppers are compatible with the SSAR-15®?

The SSAR-15® stocks are compatible with any standard AR-15 lower equipped for an adjustable stock. The style of upper or the caliber it fires is not important. However, we do recommend using calibers that generate at least as much recoil as a 9mm.

5. What is the difference between the SSAR-15® OGR and the SSAR-15 SBS®?

Both the SSAR-15® OGR and the SSAR-15® SBS offer the same compatibility and functionality, and the only difference is appearance. Our original design, the SSAR-15® OGR, was designed to bring attention to your AR as extraordinary and completely different. Slide Fire® now offers the SSAR-15® SBS which offers the option of having your AR retain a standard “combat” style some customers are more comfortable and familiar with. We encourage the purchase of whichever stock you think will look the best on your AR.

6. I cannot get my SSAR-15® interface block onto my AR-15 lower platform.

It should fit on any AR-15 lower platform, but please note it is designed to fit very tightly. If it is too tight, try tapping it onto your firearm with a rubber mallet. The product is warrantied and if it breaks Slide Fire® will be happy to replace it.

7. What type of adjustable style buffer tube is needed to use the SSAR-15®?

Most commercial style buffer tubes will work, but we recommend using a mil-spec tube for the best possible fit. While it is rare, some commercial style buffer tubes have a larger diameter which could cause friction issues with the sliding motion of the stock.

8. Is the SSAR-15® compatible with winter trigger guards?

All of the Slide Fire® stock systems we currently offer for the AR-15 platform are compatible with most winter trigger guards. Occasionally, there will be a winter trigger guard with such an extreme protrusion below the receiver that it is incompatible with the Slide Fire® stock system. Unfortunately, there is no way to definitively know if yours is not compatible, but problems are very rare.

9. What brand of AR do you recommend for the SSAR-15®?

Slide Fire® has tested the SSAR-15® on many different versions of the AR-15 and has had success with each of the rifles used. Regrettably, we cannot recommend any specific brand due to each manufacture having different options and specifications. We suggest that you go to your local gun range or firearm store and test different versions of AR-15 to ensure that the firearm that you purchase will be best suited for your shooting style and allow you to get the most out of your rifle.


AK/Saiga® Product Questions

See our AK-47 XRS Installation Video

1. What type of AK will the SSAK-47® XRS work with?

Since there are thousands of variations of AK on the market, it is simply not possible to test every one for compatibility. We designed the SSAK-47® XRS around the standard AKM specifications. To be compatible the firearm would need to be manufactured using a stamped rather than a milled receiver. It would also need a stock attachment trunnion featuring a single rear tang. We cannot foresee any issues as long as the firearm meets the description above, but if you purchase a stock that is incompatible with your firearm, we offer a 30-day “No Questions Asked” return policy on direct purchases.

2. Are there any styles of AK that you know aren’t compatible?

The SSAK-47® XRS was designed to be installed on the standard AKM design of a stamped receiver and single tang stock attachment trunnion. AKs will not be compatible if they are built using milled receivers or have any stock attachment method other than a single screw in the top. Also, any AK made in China or having a slant cut rear receiver opening will not be compatible.

3. What caliber AK is the SSAK-47® XRS compatible with?

As long as the firearm is built using a stamped receiver and single tang for stock attachment, any standard AK should be compatible regardless of caliber.

4. Will the SSAK-47® work with my Saiga® firearm?

The SSAK-47® should work on any stamped receiver AKM with a single tang, rear trunnion stock. This is the majority of AK’s on the market in the US. However, most Saiga® firearms are manufactured without a pistol grip, and with a trigger placement that is further back than the standard AKM design.

Conversions are becoming popular in which the trigger is moved forward to be directly behind the magazine well. A hole is also cut in the proper place for a standard pistol grip, and a separate trigger guard is installed. There are several methods of conversion so make sure you check with the manufacturer to ensure any converted firearm is an exact match to the AKM design.

While the SSAK-47® stock may be compatible with any properly converted Saiga®, please see the SSAI-MC™ line of stocks for any standard design Saiga® firearm.

5. I am having problems installing the SSAK-47®.

The SSAK-47® XRS consists of two separate pieces and two sets of nuts and bolts. For ease of shipping, these parts are partially assembled before packaging. To separate the two pieces, simply pull down on the switch under the stock. This will release the pin holding the interface block into the stock and allow you to slide it out. The bolts can now be removed allowing the interface block to be installed onto the AK receiver by bolting it onto the stock trunnion and the mount holding the pistol grip. Once the interface block is installed, simply pull down on the switch and slide the stock into place.

If you have any issues with installation, we have a helpful video entitled “Installing the SSAK-47 XRS” on the “Media” page of our website This video shows the installation process in detail and should answer any remaining questions you may have. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact customer service at [email protected] or (325)945-3800 for additional support.


.22 LR Platform Questions

1. How can I get the SSAR-15® to work on AR-15 style rifles chambered in .22 LR?

In order to install the SSAR-15® on a rifle its design must match that of the standard AR-15. Some rifles do not allow for pistol grip removal or the trigger modifications necessary for reliable rapid fire. Colt® and Mossberg® are two brands that we know have compatibility issues. Slide Fire® has not tested every .22LR AR-15 on the market, but we have tested the S&W® M&P® 15/22® and it works great!

Several considerations must be taken to maximize recoil on any .22 LR platforms. One necessary adjustment is to install a lighter trigger than stock. Enough forward pressure must be applied to pull the trigger, but a standard pull trigger requires so much force that there is not enough recoil to return the rifle to firing position. For the same reason, it is absolutely necessary to apply as little forward pressure as possible. It may be necessary to practice different holds or firing techniques before you get used to the feel involved. Finally, it helps to start with a light rifle with very few attachments and to use good-quality, high-powered ammunition. Neglecting to account for these factors will likely result in issues such as light strikes, poor trigger reset or feed problems.

2. Why am I having trouble with reliable rapid fire on my .22 LR firearm?

Most reliability problems are either caused by ammunition choice or incorrect shooting technique. We have a great Tips Sheet that should help with any reliability issues you may encounter.

3. What type of ammunition is best for the .22 LR?

Always use the best quality, high powered ammunition available. We have had the best results with ammo advertising velocities of 1350 fps or higher and a heavier bullet should provide more recoil given the same velocity. While lead bullets will work, we recommend jacketed since they have fewer feed issues.

4. What type of magazine should I use?

High quality reliable magazines are a must. We always have the best results with magazines from the rifle manufacturer. If you are considering other aftermarket magazines, steel lip options tend to be more reliable.

5. What is the difference between the TAC-22™ and the SSAR-22™ kit?

The TAC-22™ chassis only converts the Ruger® 10/22® receiver to a cosmetic style that is compatible with most standard AR-15 stocks and pistol grips. This allows either SSAR-15® stock to be installed on the TAC-22 chassis to allow for the alternate method of trigger pull necessary for rapid fire. As with other .22 LR platforms, a lighter trigger must be installed for reliable results. We also offer the SSAR-22™ Kit which includes the TAC-22™ chassis, an upgraded trigger, and our SSAR-15® OGR stock.

6. What Ruger® 10/22® rifles are compatible with the TAC-22™?

The TAC-22™ chassis should be compatible with any Ruger® 10/22® other than the Takedown®. The installation of the TAC-22™ requires the removal of the entire stock leaving only the receiver and barrel. All Ruger® 10/22® receivers are identical regardless of stock style, but the Takedown® receiver has a different design.

7. Can I install the TAC-22™ on a 10/22® with an oversized or “bull” barrel?

We have yet to find a barrel that is too large to fit into the TAC-22™ chassis. The maximum diameter that the hand guard will accept is just less than 1.2 inches. While we do recommend a standard barrel for the most reliable results, we do have a video on our YouTube page of us successfully firing a 10/22® with a standard .920” bull barrel. While the added weight will reduce the recoil somewhat, it is typically a small amount that can be accounted for with a lighter pressure shooting technique.

8. Will the TAC-22™ install on my 10/22® SBR?

The barrel would need to be at least 10 inches long to clear the end of the chassis hand guard.

9. Why can’t I get the SSAR-15® stock to lock into place on my TAC-22™?

The TAC-22™chassis tube is designed in a way that the SSAR-15® OGR stock locks tightly into place. This forms a solid foundation for standard trigger pulls. It may be necessary to apply a firm tap to the butt of the stock in order for it to fully lock into position, but this will ease with use.

10. Will the SSAK-47® work on a .22 LR AK?

While we have not tested it, we feel that the weight of the firearm would keep it from operating effectively and we have not heard of anyone successfully using our stock on an AK chambered in .22 LR. Our stock is designed to work by using the recoil produced by the firearm. The .22 LR does not provide very much recoil on its own and the weight of the AK design would reduce this recoil even more.


Accessory Questions

1. Do I need a recoil enhancer on my rifle?

We currently only offer a recoil enhancer for the .22 LR platform. This offers an increase in recoil vs. most styles of muzzle brake or flash hider. Most muzzle attachments vent gasses in a way that reduces the recoil of the firearm. On a .22 LR platform it is important to have as much recoil as possible. Our recoil enhancer vent gasses straight forward to help push the rifle rearward, and it is lighter than most muzzle attachments reducing the weight of the firearm.

Larger caliber firearms have enough recoil that even more aggressive styles of muzzle break shouldn’t reduce the recoil to a point that reliability is affected. Our current recoil enhancer is designed for use on .22 LR firearms only! Use on any larger caliber can result in damage.

2. Why doesn’t the conversion kit come with instructions?

Installation of a new receiver extension requires breaking down the firearm further than most customers would be comfortable with. While it is not difficult with experience, there are small parts under tension that can easily be lost. If the new receiver extension is not installed properly, the firearm and our stock may not function properly.

3. What trigger pins do I need with my new trigger?

We offer both threaded and e-clip trigger pin models. Both will function just as well to hold the trigger in place, but the threaded pins will give a more finished look. While our AR-15 pins are compatible with any standard AR-15, the M&P® 15/22® requires a longer length pin. If you purchase our 3.5# curved trigger, it will come with the proper length pins in the e-clip model.

4. What options do you have for sling attachment?

Our current stocks weren’t designed with sling attachment in mind. Most existing aftermarket sling points do not allow for the installation and free movement that our stock needs to operate. However, we do have an option for attaching single point slings on the AR-15. We offer the S.P.A.D.E.® which is a receiver end-plate with mounting loops placed where they will not interfere with our stock. They are offered in left, right or ambidextrous models and should be selected based on primary shooting hand.

5. Is there an aftermarket recoil “butt” pad that I can use with Slide Fire® stocks?

Due to differences with design, I am not aware of any third party aftermarket pads that are compatible with our stocks. While we don’t currently offer a recoil pad for our SSAR-15® OGR, but we do offer aftermarket recoil pads for several other models of stock.