SBS-308 Installation Instructions

Figure A

1. Check all parts

Remove and inspect all included parts. Slide the Interface Block forward out of the stock and set all parts aside until installation.

  • 1. Interface Block
  • 2. SBS-308® Stock
  • 3. Hex Key
  • 4. Locking Switch

Figure B

2. Pistol Grip Removal

(May vary with manufacturer)
Using a flat head screwdriver or the supplied hex key, remove the screw and star washer from inside the grip. Take caution not to lose the safety detent spring and safety selector detent.

Figure C

3. Remove Stock

(May vary with manufacturer)
Grip the Length Adjustment Lever and pull down while sliding the stock rearward. Once the locking pin is pulled down far enough, it will slide off the back of the buffer tube.

Figure D

4. Interface Block

Position the Interface Block in place of the pistol grip while placing the safety detent and spring into the receiver and hole provided. A tight fit is not unusual. Secure the block using the original pistol grip screw and star washer. Do not over tighten.

Figure E

6. Install the SBS-308®

Slide the SBS-308® onto the buffer tube and ensure that the Interface Block aligns with the pistol grip. When the SBS-308® comes to a stop, pull the Locking Switch downward and continue sliding the SBS-308® forward.

Figure F

7. Final Check

The SBS-308® can slide freely or be locked in place by operating the Locking Switch. When the Locking Switch is oriented perpendicular to the SBS-308® , the lock pin seats into a detent prohibiting any stock movement. Turn the Locking Switch parallel to the SBS-308® to enable the rapid fire shooting technique.

Buffer Tube Inspection: If the SBS-308® is not sliding freely on a buffer tube, the tube could be canted. Remove the SBS-308, and loosen the castle nut just enough to allow the tube to rotate. After loosening the castle nut, re-install the SBS-308 which will force the tube to align properly. Verify the SBS-308® slides freely and re-tighten the castle nut.