SSAK-47®-HYB AKM Installation Instructions

Figure A

1. Check All Parts

Grip the Length Adjustment Lever and slide the A2 Stock rearward to remove. Pull down on the Locking Switch and slide the Chassis Slide off of the Chassis Tube. Remove both sets of screws and nuts from the Interface Block. Twist and remove the Chassis Tube from the Interface Block. Inspect all parts and set aside until installation.

  • 1. Interface Block
  • 2. Chassis Tube
  • 3. Chassis Slide and Finger Rest
  • 4. Locking Switch
  • 5. A2 Adjustable Stock
  • 6. A2 Pistol Grip
  • 7. Hex Key and Mounting Hardware

Figure B

2. Pistol Grip

Disassemble the Top Cover and detach the Operation Rod. Remove the screw from inside the Pistol Grip and Square Threaded Insert from the Receiver.

Figure C

3. Remove Stock

Extract the screws located in the Rear Trunnion and work the Stock backward out of the Receiver. The original AK stock can be tight in the receiver and difficult to remove.

Figure D

4. Interface Block

Insert a Lock Nut into the Nut Retainer Groove on the front of the Interface Block. Position the Interface Block into the Rear Trunnion, making sure the nut lines up with the Front Mounting Hole. Install the screw until it starts threading into the nut, but do not fully tighten.

Figure E

5. Chassis Tube

Insert the Chassis Tube into the rear of the Interface Block and rotate so the screw hole on the tube lines up with the one on the Rear Tang. Install the Screw and Star Washer until it starts threading into the Chassis Tube. Alternate tightening both screws ensuring the Interface Block stays square to the Receiver until tight.

Figure F

6. Chassis Slide and Stock

Pull down on the Locking Switch and guide the Chassis Slide forward into the channel on the bottom of the Chassis Tube until it locks. Grip the Length Adjustment Lever on the A2 Stock and pull down while sliding the Stock forward to install onto the Chassis.

Figure G

7. Final Check

The SSAK-HYB can be locked into place for standard trigger pulls or slide freely for bump fire. Turn the switch perpendicular to the slide to lock, or parallel to unlock. For bump fire, the finger rest should be on the opposite side of the firearm as your shooting hand. To remove the rest, unscrew the two attachment screws. Then reattach on the appropriate side of the Chassis Slide.