SSAK-47® XRS Installation Instruction

Figure A

1. Check all parts

Remove and inspect all included parts. Remove the Interface Block by pulling down on the Locking Knob and sliding the Interface Block forward, out of the SSAK-47® XRS. The included socket head cap screws and nuts can be removed and set aside. Note the screw locations as they are different sizes.

  • 1. Nut Retainer
  • 2. Interface Block
  • 3. Locking Knob
  • 4. Mounting Hardware

Figure B

2. Pistol Grip

Disassemble the Top Cover and detach the Operation Rod. Remove the screw from inside the Pistol Grip and Square Threaded Insert from the Receiver.

Figure C

3. Remove Stock

Extract the screws located in the Rear Trunnion and work the Stock backward out of the Receiver. The original AK stock can be tight in the receiver and difficult to remove.

Figure D

4. Interface Block

Insert a Lock Nut into the Nut Retainer Groove on the front of the Interface Block. Position the Interface Block into the Rear Trunnion, making sure the nut lines up with the Front Mounting Hole. Install the screw until it starts threading into the nut, but do not fully tighten.

Figure E

5. Install SSAK-47® XRS

Slide the SSAK-47® XRS onto the Interface Block. When the SSAK-47® XRS comes to a stop, pull the Locking Knob downward and continue sliding the stock forward.

Figure F

6. Final Check

The SSAK-47® XRS can slide freely or be locked in place by operating the Locking Knob. With the Locking Knob flush to the SSAK-47® XRS, the lock pin is inserted into a detent prohibiting any movement. Turn the Locking Knob to the raised position to enable the bump fire shooting technique