Fouled Anchor Coffee

A Veteran-owned and operated Small Business that provides some of the best tasting coffee around. Organic, Fair-trade and small-batch roasted because that's how we like it!


Veteran Owned

Supporting our local heroes

Slide Fire® is constantly pursuing ways to connect with our Veterans. That's why we've backed with Fouled Anchor Coffee to help out our local heroes. Fouled Anchor Coffee is a patriotic and proud company that takes its name from the roots of this great country and is laser-focused on leaving this place, better than we found it! A fouled anchor is one that is entangled and stuck. Fouled Anchor Coffee use this mantra as a symbol to always be ready to overcome adversity and keep moving forward, no matter how hard it gets. We have people counting on us and we won't let them down.

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Medium Roast

In the spirit of nautical possibilities, Fouled Anchor Coffee uses Organic, Fare-Trade coffee from three different world origins to master this superior blend. Sumatran (Indonesia), Rwandan (Africa) and Colombian (South America) make up this exceptionally tasting medium-roast coffee, showcasing a nutty blend with hints of dark cocoa and a sweet cedar aroma along with a lemon brightness that you’ll find in each cup.

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