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BFR-556A Belt Fed Bump Fire Rifle

Belt-Fed Bump Fire Rifle

The Slide Fire® BFR is a true belt-fed system that allows your firearm to unload a virtually unlimited ammunition supply. Its lightweight, modular design is built from the highest quality components allowing for multiple ammunition feeding options. The self-contained design also allows for easy removal of the belt fed mechanism, allowing for quick transition from belt to magazine and is compatible with standard M27 ammunition links.

(1) Customized Colt 6920 5.56 rifle
(1) Belt fed module (100) standard links
(1) All weather tactical case with custom foam
(2) 30 round polymer magazines
(1) Magpul® BUS flip up rear sights
(1) SSAR-15® MOD rapid fire stock.

Note: Does not include bi-pod

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Timney 10/22® Trigger

Timney 10/22® Trigger

X-15 Standard Drum

X-15 Standard Drum

Volquartsen 10/22®Trigger

Volquartsen 10/22®Trigger

Saiga®Recoil Pad

Saiga®Recoil Pad